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Why Caregiver

Why caregiver?

The single most important and direct caregiver for the patient is of course the doctor but the latter cannot function effectively without the support and involvement of paramedical and non-medical personnel all through the healing process. For instance, good nursing care plays a pivotal role in the treatment and recovery of the patient, but it does not end with carrying out the physical tasks assigned to the nurse. It is rooted deeply in the psychological makeup cum connect of the patient as well as the nurse.

Likewise, there are many other caregivers who are stakeholders in the healthcare system and ensure smooth functioning of the entire machinery. These include direct caregivers like family, friends and relatives as well as indirect ones like policy makers, activists and power centers at macro level striving for the same laudable end result.  They too need to personify wellness for optimum impact all around with effective communication skills coupled with a high level of emotional intelligence.